Where can I get a recycling sticker?

When are my taxes due?

How do I get a tax refund for a car I no longer own?

Is there any form of tax relief from elderly or disabled residents?

Do veterans get an exemption on property taxes?

Where can I get a beach pass?

Where do I get a fishing license?

Where do I get a hunting license?

Who should I call about dead animals in the road?

Should dead birds and bats be reported to anyone?

Who should I call about stray or injured dogs?

Who do I call about dead trees?

Where do I get a dog license?

How do I apply for a passport?

Where can I get a marriage license?

Do I need a permit to burn brush on my property?

Do I need a permit to put in a driveway?

Do I need a firearms permit?

How to I arrange a permit to have my septic system pumped?

Are bazaar permits required?

Are raffles regulated?

Where is the police department?

When does the Town pick up garbage?

When are municipal elections held?

I'm registered to vote in another town or state and don't want to change. Can I vote in Sherman?

Where can I register to vote?

Where can I get an absentee ballot?

Does Sherman have a Probate Court?

When is the Town's Annual Report available?

When is the budget presented to the Town?

Where can I get information about the Freedom of Information Act?

How can I express interest in serving the Town?

How can I contact our state representatives?

How can I find out about social services available in Connecticut?

What number should I give my alarm company to call in case of smoke or fire?

Is there any where I can take yard waste such as grass clippings, brush, and the like?

Who do I contact about a burial plot?

What is a HEARTSafe Community?