Notification Registry for Planning and Zoning Regulation Changes

The P&Z Commission has established a registry of landowners, voters, and non-profit, tax-exempt organizations that wish to receive a notice whenever the P&Z initiates any action regarding adoption or change of any zoning regulation, subdivision regulation, or the plan of conservation and development. 

Those wishing to join the Registry can use the on-line form below. Those joining the Registry will remain on for three (3) years. 

Notification will occur either by US mail, or by email. Notice will be sent to those registered no later than 7 days before any public hearing is held on a matter described above..

To submit a request to be included in the registry:

Complete the form below and when finished, click on the SUBMIT button at the bottom. Your information will be emailed to the P&Z Commission, and you will receive notification (and subsequent notices) by Email (if an Email address has been provided) or postal mail (if an Email address has not been provided).

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