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Survive the Drive - A Big Success

Survive the Drive is a nationally recognized and acclaimed program whose primary goal is to reach every newly or soon-to-be licensed teen (or adult) through the use of a multi-media presentation focusing on the detrimental impact of texting, reading, drinking, phoning and any other activities that remove conscious understanding of the ever-present operational hazards of heavy, moving equipment.

The Sherman Traffic Safety Group hosted this dynamic and compelling program at the Sherman School on November 8.

With a great turnout of students and parents, the program was deemed a significant success to further the cause of traffic safety in our town, and we extend our thanks and appreciation to all who worked hard to coordinate and present the program, as well as all who attended.

Please note:

A vacancy exists on the Sherman Traffic Safety Work Group (STSWG). Interested applicants should contact any of the members of the STSWG, or let us know via email at

Our Mission

Improve and maintain safety for all users of State and Town roads in Sherman by reducing unsafe and irresponsible driving practices.

Who We Are

As a result of growing concern expressed in written and verbal complaints, by Sherman residents, the Sherman Traffic Safety Work Group was established to examine the issues and investigate, evaluate and implement some solutions or improvements.

Complaints ranged from excessive speeding and illegal passing, passing stopped school buses, rolling through stop signs, racing motorcycles and texting/cell phone usage while driving and other unsafe/irresponsible driving practices are all dangerous situations that have been experienced throughout Sherman.

Within Sherman, three major State Roads; Routes 37, 39 and 55 and other Town and private roads, with difficult curves, hills, limited shoulders and blind intersections, are frequently traveled by people commuting to work and school, and by seasonal/weekend residents. 

Traffic is not limited to automobile traffic; there is also a large population of bikers (both motorcycles and bicycles), runners/walkers, hikers and school kids. Additionally, there is other pedestrian traffic at the crosswalks by the Sherman School and Library/Old Store.

Keeping everyone safe is of paramount importance to all and the key focus of this Work Group.

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Sherman Traffic Safety
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Our Members
Ed Hayes, Chair
Monty Clark
Art Crane
Rick Hudson
Bob Sharp
Amy Bocompani

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