Jewish Community Center


The mission of the JCCS is to provide high quality educational, cultural, and social programs to the local and surrounding communities.  Founded in 1994, we are a predominantly a volunteer-run organization.

The JCCS serves the entire community irrespective of age, race, or religion.  The JCCS implements it's mission by offering a wide array of programming options for members and non members alike which capitalize on our auditorium and professional kitchen.  As the only community center in the area, the JCCS has a strong commitment to the people who live and work here.  We develop programs that are reflective of the interests of the community and seek to inspire, serve, challenge, and entertain.

President:  Henry Cooperman
Vice President: Amber Vlangas
Treasurer: Kenroc Gubner
Secretary:  Kathy Peck

Board of Directors:
Paula Cassidy             
Sandy Povman
Russ Whitman
Bobby Valins
Marge Josephson
Sunday Fisher

Operations & Programs Manager: 
Michelle Morgenstern

Contact Information
Phone:  860-355-8050


Weekly Events:
Yoga – Mondays & Thursdays with Lara Ward at 9 AM
Gentle Yoga – Fridays with Lara Ward at 10:00 AM