Candlewood Lake Information



This has been a very warm fall so far...summer didn't seem to want to let go.  The foliage season came late - but with the recent storm and winds many more leaves have now fallen and residents are busy cleaning up.

This fall, when raking your leaves, please remember to rake and blow them AWAY from the Lake.

The vast majority of waterfront homeowners are very careful to not let their leaves enter the Lake - but every year we see tell-tale evidence of leaves having been dumped into Candlewood. 

Leaves that enter the water will decompose and become a source of excessive nutrients that could increase the likelihood of future algae blooms.  Adding additional leaves to the Lake will also accelerate the natural "filling in" process of a lake and deplete the Lake of necessary oxygen as they decompose.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you have a lawn service, please make sure that they comply and do not rake or blow your leaves into the water. 

 Help us protect the Lake - please spread this important message in your community and with your neighbors.