Get a little fresh air and a little exercise and get out of the house and walk our nature trail that goes from the Town Park over the mountain to Colonial Park.

Connecticut Audubon Society

Come visit at Deer Pond Farm on Wakeman Hill Road for an opportunity to spend time outside and take an easy interactive walk through our natural world or come to one of our special programs.

Call 860-799-4074 for details or to register.

After School Program

We are looking for more children for our after school program under the expert tutelage of Christine Celio and Antonetta Azzollini that goes from 3 - 6 each day that school is in session. If you are interested in having your children in the program, please call Park and Rec at 860-354-3629.

Park and Rec is looking for You
Park and Rec is looking for instructors of one-time or recurring classes. If you have a special skill that you want to share with people, call Park and Rec to set it up. We are looking for a leader for a Hiking Club and instructors for Yoga, Tai Chi, Chess, and Cooking and whatever other skill you may want to teach. Call Park and Rec to discuss it.

Fall Soccer

Fall soccer is back on Saturday mornings starting Sept. 16 from 9 - 10 am at Colonial Park under the expert supervision of T.J. Fazzone. All boys and girls in Grades K - 5 are invited to play. The cost is just $50
  Park and Rec Office Phone


  Boat Slips
Registration for the 2024 boating season will take place on all of the Saturdays in September at the Park and Rec office from 9:15 - 11:30. Bring a copy of your boat registration to fill out the form. All registrants must have a boat. The lottery will be held on October 7 at 10:00 in the Town Hall.
    Dogs at Town Park 

There have been many concerns about dogs running free at the Town Park and Veteran's Field. Please remember that all dogs must be on a leash and under the control of the owner at all times and any mess that the dog makes is the owner's responsibility to pick up. Allowing your dog to run free on any town property is unacceptable and could constitute a danger to others who are trying to use our facilities. Please keep this in mind and enjoy your walk with your dog.

Grass Track Cycling Clinic
An Intro to Grass Track Cycling will be held at Volunteer Park in the near future under the tutelage of Stephen Frattini. Stay tuned here for more information.

Summer Concerts
Our last Summer Concert is Sunday, October 1 from 4 -7 at the pavilion featuring Tuned In. Bring a lawn chair and a picnic lunch and enjoy.

Health Classes
Interested in Tai Chi/Qigong or Pilates. Victoria Gentile will be the instructor for an exciting new program. Tai Chi/Qigong will be offered at 9:30 at Charter Hall starting on Thursday, October 5 followed by Pilates at 10:30. Also, Victoria will have Saturday classes at the Multi-Purpose Room in the school at 9:30 for Tai Chi/Qigong and at 10:30 for Pilates. Come to the first class to register. The classes are $125 for 6 weeks or $25 per class.

Music Time with Miss Cheryl
Park and Rec is presenting a new program under the  direction of Cheryl Mandracchia called Music Time with Miss Cheryl. It is a new music and movement program for parents/caregivers with babies to 5 year olds. The 2 classes at 9:30 and 10:30 will be held at Charter Hall on Friday mornings from September 8 - November 3. Particular care in fostering the family bond is emphasized in a meaningful experience with music and movement. For more info, go to

Tiny Tots Soccer

Stephen Frattini is back to lead Tiny Tots soccer for all preschoolers at Colonial Park on Saturdays starting Sept. 16 from 9 - 10 am. The cost is just $30. One parent must attend.