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It is the sole responsibility of the person or entity choosing to submit a proposal using information downloaded from this website to check to ensure that the most current copy of the Request for Proposal has been used. Changes and or updates may be made up until the deadline for proposals and it is the submitter's responsibility to ensure that their Proposal is current and correct.

Reconstruction of Three (3) Existing Tennis Courts
at Sherman Town Park

The Town of Sherman is accepting bids to reconstruct three existing tennis courts at Sherman Town Park on Saw Mill Road. Mandatory walk through on 1/20/17 at 1:30pm. Specifications and bid forms can be obtained using the link below, or by calling the Selectmen’s Office at 860-355-1139. Sealed proposals, labeled “Sherman Town Park Tennis Courts Bid” must be submitted no later than 4:00 p.m. on January 26, 2017. No faxed or emailed proposals will be accepted. The contract will be awarded to the lowest responsible bidder. The Town of Sherman reserves the right to reject any bid or all bids.

Please note the following additions to the requirements:

Addendum 1:
  1. All contractors agreed that a temporary road needs to be constructed from the corner of the existing parking, across the walking path and out to the tennis courts. The gravel road should be a minimum of 12 feet wide and shall have plastic construction fencing around both sides. The road access must be barricaded every night to prevent anyone from driving on the road. It's the responsibility of contractor to design the gravel road so that it supports truck traffic for the extent of the project time frame. Stock Piling of topsoil will be allowed in a designed area on the site and shall be protect from erosion. Removal of the gravel road and restoration to existing conditions is also the responsibility of the contractor. The cost of this work must be part of the base bid.

  2. The existing fence between the two tennis courts and the third tennis court has to be removed but will not be replaced as per Park and Recreation commission.

Addendum 2:
  1. All bidders are to provide a break out price for the temporary gravel road as described in addendum no. 1. This should be an add alternate to the base price! Do not include this work in the base bid. The price of this add alternate could be used in the award of the project in determining the lowest price so I encourage everyone to price the add alternate as if it will. The add alternate price must be clearly hand written on the bottom of the bid sheet. The walking path is not to be considered to be used for as the gravel road.

  2. The specialized post tension design engineer for this project does not need to have a level II certificate since his PE license is great and will suffice. All other requirement in bid specifications apply to the design engineer.

  3. As it pertains to certificates that the contract must hold to perform this work in the bid specifications, we are changing those requirements to "Contractor must demonstrate that that they have staff that hold the minimum certifications as required by the Post Tension Institute Specifications and Guidelines and any other applicable requirements to perform the work specified in these bid specifications."

  4. As it pertains to minimum years of experience and projects that a contractor must demonstrate they have as outlined in the bid specifications, the Town reserves the right to select any contractor that it feels is in the best interest of the Town and the project regardless of the bid specifications. The Town has the right to waive any requirements of these bid specification if it is in the best interest of the Town. A combination of contractor experience, satisfactory references, ability to meet bid specifications, completeness of the bid, contractors legal and financial standing coupled with the base price and alternates will be used to select the contractor and make the award.

  5. To clarify what was discussed in the Pre Bid Meeting, the 3 court size that everyone should be bidding on is the standard size of 156 feet by 120 feet not the size of the existing three court layout that is out in the field now. Please pay close attention to this requirement since it will have a significant cost impact to your bid.

  6. As a reminder to all bidders the project must be bid using prevailing wages. It is the full and complete responsibility of the contractor to make sure they investigate those rates and meet this requirement. Certified payroll will be required in order to demonstrate compliance and issue payments.

The Town does not intend to issue any further addenda but all bidders should check the Town website prior to bid date and time to be sure.


CLICK HERE to view/download the specifications and bid submission forms.

Town of Sherman, Connecticut
By Clay Cope, First Selectman
Mallory Town Hall
9 Route 39 North
Sherman, CT 06784

Screened Sand Suitable for Winter Road Use

The Town of Sherman is requesting quotations for screened sand suitable for winter road use.

Proposals clearly labeled “QUOTATION FOR ROAD SAND” must be submitted no later than 4:00pm on Tuesday on January 3, 2017 by US Mail or courier to the Selectmen’s Office, Mallory Town Hall, P.O. Box 39, 9 Route 39 North, Sherman, CT 06784.

Please stop by the Selectmen’s office for a copy of the bid package, or call 860-355-1139.

CLICK HERE to view/download the quotation submission form.

Town of Sherman, Connecticut
By Clay Cope, First Selectman

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