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The Town of Sherman, CT has the following openings for positions on town commissions, or positions for employment within the town.

Interested parties can download detailed descriptions of the position (if available) and submit your resume/application to the Town via mail or drop off at the Selectman's office or the office of the appropriate town commission. Please see the commission listings under the departments section  of this website.


Town of Sherman
Part Time Social Services Assistant

The Sherman Board of Selectmen and Sherman Social Services is seeking a part time Social Services Assistant to support the Director in a variety of confidential social services activities.  This is a 12 hour per week position.  Additional information can be found at   Call Beth Trott at 860-354-2414, ext 2 with questions.  Interested applicants should submit resumes to the First Selectman’s office prior to September 12, 2018.  Mallory Town Hall, P.O. Box 39, 9 Route 39 North, Sherman, CT  06784.

Town of Sherman Job Description

Job Title:  Social Services Assistant
Immediate supervisor:  Director, Sherman Social Services

Job Summary:
This is a 12-hour per week, part-time position.  The assistant will support the Director in a variety of confidential social service activities, including, but not limited, to the following:

1)     Administer the M25 Hot Meals program, which includes maintaining and supervising volunteer delivery staff, and act as liaison with IGA and M25 Board.

2)     Assist with processing Energy Assistance applications, making multiple copies, and gathering confidential documents from clients.

3)     Assist in various programs, including the annual Thanksgiving Baskets, Spring Baskets, Holiday Gift Drive and Back to School and summer food programs.

4)     Record keeping duties including adding charitable gifts to Charity Tracker, our confidential software program.

5)     Actively intake social service walk-in clients as needed.  Answer phones and refer clients, where applicable.

6)     File documents and organize the office.

NOTE:  Emphasis for prospective candidates is the ability to maintain STRICT confidentiality and understand that confidentiality requires COMPLETE prohibition against discussing any aspect of the social work office with anyone.

Knowledge and skill:

1)     High school diploma required, some college preferred.

2)     Office skills, in particular, word processing and Excel.

3)     1 to 3 years related experience

4)     Valid Driver’s license.

5)     Ability to work effectively and confidentially with different personalities and physical needs.

6)     Patience.


1)     The general public

2)     Town officials

3)     State and local agencies, such as United Way and local churches.

Level of responsibility:

1)     Duties are varied in nature, requiring independent action and judgement in solving organizational problems.  Devotion to client confidentiality is paramount.  Unusual cases or questionable matters are referred to the Director.

Physical effort:

General office work environment.




Located in an idyllic setting in the northernmost corner of Fairfield County, Connecticut, The Sherman School is a small, PK-8 school with approximately 300 students and 80 dedicated faculty and staff members. 

Armed School Security Officer


  • The Sherman School Armed School Security Officer will support the school administration and staff in providing for a safe and secure learning environment.
  • The Armed School Security Officer will report directly to the Superintendent or designee and will be subject to overall supervision and guidance of school administration as it relates to the safety and security of the Sherman School.
  • The Armed School Security Officer will be a visible presence during school hours and active in the daily security and safety of the school. He/she will be responsible for safeguarding and protecting student, staff and visitors to the Sherman School. He/she will also be responsible for protecting school property.

 Minimum Qualifications

  • Must have a minimum of fifteen years prior law enforcement experience as a sworn member of a local organized police department and should be able to provide positive references reflecting each prior employment in the law enforcement community they served.
  • Must have been certified by the Police Officers Standards and Training Council (POST) while serving in his/her law enforcement capacity as a sworn law enforcement officer. He/she must have either retired or been separated in good standing for his/her local law enforcement department or the Connecticut State Police as required by CT General Statute 10-244a.
  • Must not have been found to be unqualified for reasons relating to mental health by a qualified medical professional while serving in his/her capacity as a law enforcement officer or separating from service as a sworn law enforcement officer.
  • If the candidate has prior military service, he/she must have received an honorable discharge and be able to provide a copy of his/her DD-214.
  • Must hold and maintain a valid operator's license with no significant traffic violations
  • Must successfully complete annual training requirements pursuant to POST requirements and must successfully complete an annual firearms certification provided by their local police department or a certified firearms instructor that meets or exceeds the POST standards, as well as any other training required for this position by law or BOE policy.
  • Must either currently have or be able to maintain CPR and First Aid certification throughout their employment.
  • Must participate in and pass a full background investigation which shall be required by the Board of Education or by state or federal law.
  • An individual must be able to perform each essential function of the position satisfactorily with or without reasonable accommodations. The requirements below are representative of the knowledge, skill and ability of the position.
  • Must meet all requirements for an armed school security guard as required by Connecticut law, which may be amended from time to time, and must meet all requirements of a qualified retired law enforcement officer pursuant to 18 U.S.C. 926C, as amended from time to time.
  • Must have excellent integrity and demonstrate sound judgement and excellent moral character.
  • Must be available during regular school hours 8:00 - 3:15 and for extracurricular (and evening events) as needed.

 Essential Functions

Subject to any provisions of Connecticut State or federal law, Sherman Board of Education policies and procedures, and or Town of Sherman ordinances, the essential duties and functions of the position are as follows:

  • Engage in the detection and or prevention of any unauthorized activity on or around school property, including, but not limited to unlawful entry into the school facility, vandalism, trespass and abuse.
  • Monitor access of building and grounds while making routine/unscheduled checks of all exterior doors to prevent any entry of unauthorized persons. Patrol hallways at unscheduled times to monitor for inappropriate student behavior.
  • Monitor parking areas during arrival, dismissal and throughout the school day.
  • Meet and greet all students, parents and staff respectfully and courteously.
  • Quickly respond to situations that may jeopardize the safety and welfare of any student, staff or visitor in accordance with all applicable Connecticut or federal laws and Board policy.
  • If required to protect student, staff and visitors, be prepared to use physical force in accordance with all applicable Connecticut or federal laws and Board policy.
  • Assist administration or staff with locating missing/unaccounted for students.
  • Identify and report any hazardous conditions to administration or appropriate staff.
  • In accordance with proper training assist the school nurse or staff with medical emergencies.
  • As requested, assist the administration with the development and implementation of any security and safety recommendations.
  • Act as a liaison with local emergency responders during any school emergency or high-risk situation, as directed by the school administrator.
  • Maintain safe possession of any and all firearms, ammunition and equipment with accordance with all Connecticut and/or federal law and Board policy. Must carry only authorized firearm in relation to qualification and H.R. 218.
  • Carry any legally required (H.R. 218) identification card at all times while on school property.
  • At all times, while on school property, wear a clothing article that is approved by the school administration and Board that clearly identifies you as school security and allows for sufficient concealment of the firearm.
  • Perform all legal duties requested of you by the Superintendent and school administration.
  • Armed School Security Guards are authorized to assist the Administration in the search and seizure of any person or property of any student or any other person at any time if the situation presents a direct threat to the safety and security of students, staff or visitors.
  • Armed  School Security Guards shall have the authority to question students or staff suspected of committing an unlawful act and/or a violation of Board policy in school or on school property if a building administrator is not available during a situation that may pose a direct threat to the safety and security of students, staff and visitors.

 Additional Duties

Perform any other school related tasks as requested by the Superintendent or designee

 Note: The above description is illustrative of tasks and responsibilities. It is not meant to be ll inclusive of every task or responsibility.

Reports to: 



  • $25-$30 per hour
  • No pension
  • No benefits


  • Please submit a letter of interest and a recent resume via email to Dr. Jeff Melendez, Superintendent-Principal at
  • Applications will be reviewed starting on August 1, 2018
  • Position is open until filled with an August 29, 2018 start date

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