Photo Album 6
Sherman Bicentennial Parade

The Holiday Point Banner

The arrival of the Holiday Point contingent in the Sherman Bicentennial Parade must have appeared as an invasion relative to the other floats and participating groups. Holiday Point had more than 80 people walking, riding, singing and passing out candy along the entire route of the parade. Contragulations Holiday Point, our sense of community spirit was clearly apparent to all who heard those now memorable lyrics, "Every day is like a holiday, when you live on Holiday Point".

The beautiful new Holiday Point Banner was designed by Steve and produced by our resident quilting expert, Toby.

The Float

Norm completely rebuilt his platform trailer for the parade float, and his son in-law Mark generously donated the use of his truck (with Laura, Norm and Nicholas at the helm) to pull the float, band and a small army of people. Judging from the way the back of the truck is sagging, it looks like the band could have been categorized as 'heavy handed'. The creation of the float was truly a community effort with appropriate results, clearly the best in the parade (of course we're a bit biased)!

The Costume Contingent

Those who arrived at the parade in period costumes were encouraged to ride on the float which included a really big picnic bench custom built by Bill and Norm. Visible here from left to right are Bill-Al (walking), Mike, Bill, Phyllis, Paul, Bernie and Ernie.

Julie and Mike

Julie and Mike definitely win in the 'elegance' category, although Julie needed help getting onto the trailer. Her dress was so slim that she couldn’t climb even the smallest steps! Does Mike look like Jack the Ripper or what?

Ladies Fashions at the Turn of the Century

Roseann and Marie show off two representative fashion statements. Roseann in her early 1900's bathing costume, and Marie in her colonial dress with apron.

And the Band Plays On

The band provided music for the Holiday Point marchers to sing their songs to. They were (back row left to right) 'Pooch' on harmonica, Missy on vocals and Steve on violin, (front row left to right) Rob on dulcimer, Al on accordian and Bill on banjo.

Ed Helping With the Preparations

Ed is helping tie a red, white and blue armband on his grandson David who is also modeling the Holiday Point sweatshirts specifically created for the parade.

Dhanny and Joe At the Post Parade Picnic

Dhanny and Joe looking a bit weary after the long walk in the unexpected heat of the day. As was stated by Norm, the sweatshirts really worked, they made us sweat!

Paul and Bernie - Bathing Beauties

Paul and Bernie show off their turn of the century bathing costumes, hinting at what it might have been like had Holiday Point beach existed in 1902. They were our most distant participants, driving all the way from Chicago with a car full of candies that were passed out (sometime thrown at) local parade watchers.

Seb, Gail and Kathy

Seb, Gail and their daughter Kathy were eagerly awaiting the start of the parade. Proudly displaying their Holiday Point 'uniform' and banners made from material left over from the creation of the Holiday Point Banner.

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