Photo Album 4
Sherman Farm Day 2005

The Tour Begins at Bloomingfields Farm

Diana and Mel Bristol showed off their multi-faceted farm operation, which features daylilies.

At Glenbrook Arabians

Nancy Astor White explains her work to visitors.

First a Stop at the Horse Stalls

Up close and personal with a friendly stallion.

A Fearless Youngster Makes a New Friend

These Arabian horses seem to enjoy the attention.

Inside the Barn

Visitors got a complete picture of the care of these magnificent animals.

Time for a Run

A rapt crowd watches as the Arabians gallop across the field.

A Sherman Family Enjoys the Day

The sun shone brightly, the air was crisp.

The Next Stop Is . . .

The buses kept the vistors easily moving from farm to farm.

It's All In the Planning

Conservation Commission Chair Joe Keneally checks the schedule with member Ashleigh Blake.

A Quiet Fall Day

Mother and calf watch as visitors arrive at Happy Acres.

A Ride in the Fields

Tony Hapanowich treats visitors to hay rides among his grazing cattle.

Lots to Talk About

Friends take a mid-tour break.

The Inside Scoop

Youngsters learn more about cattle farming.

A Barbecue Picnic at the Historical Society Barn

Organized by Audrey Day, the 4th grade parents served up a great mid-tour repast for visitors.

With a Little Help from Friends

Service with a smile--and scrumptuous apple crisp.

Hay Bales for Seating

Everyone seemed to be comfortable and enjoying the day.

Pick a Pumpkin

Friends meet in the back field among the pumpkins.

Lunch Everyone!

Feeding time at Iron Will Farm.

It's A Good Thing There's A Fence

The hungry Iron Will Cattle come face to face with the visitors.

Raspberries, Strawberries, Rhubarb, and More

Ralph Gorman and friends at the White Silo Farm

From Berries to Wine

Ralph Gorman explains his work to an eager young man.

A Job Well Done

Ashleigh Blake and Colette Shulman relax after making sure the tour groups kept pace.

It Was a Grand Day

Arabian horses frolick.

Welcome to Sherman's Farm Day

Photos courtesy of Tom and Nancy Astor-White and Sam Lamhut

Another Wonderful Day in Sherman

Photos courtesy of Charlotte Maher

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